Online Forms

  1. Retiring staff's data sumbission form.
  2. Teachers' and non teachers' count submission form.
  3. Niyamasabha Question 1098
  4. Mid Day Meal Scheme under Food Safety Act- School Data.
  5. Asset Developement Report Form - 7-1-2014.
  6. Infrastructural Facilities In Schools For 2013-14.

FBS Forms

  1. Download FBS form

Group Insurance SCheme (GIS) Forms

  1. Download FBS form
  2. Download GIS Form A
  3. Download GIS Form B(1)
  4. Download GIS Form C
  5. Download GIS Revival Form
  6. Download GIS Staement Showing Deduction Form

Leave Forms

1. Casual Leave Application Form
2. Form 13

Miscellenous Forms

1. Certificate Of Physical Fitness
2. Conduct Certificate
3. Last Pay Certificate
4. Letter Of Authority (T.R.103)
5. Medical Certificate as per Rule117[1]a
6. No Objection Certificate to Apply for PSC
7. Option Form & Statement of Fixation
8. Option Form for Time Bound Higher Grade Promotion
9. Police Verification
10. RTC (Report of Transfer of Charge)
11. SPARK Enrolment Form(Form_No.15)
12. TA Application form
13. TA Bill of Gazetted Officers (TR-47 New)
14. TR 59 (Contingent Grant in AidScholarship Bills)
15. TR 61 Fully Vouched Contingent Bill
16. Utilisation Certificate

PF-NRA Forms

1. Form A- Admission to GPF
2. Form B - Temporary Advance from GPF
3. Form B-1 Non-refundable withdrawal from GPF
4. Form J - GPF Final
5. GPF Nomination Form
6. Form for Grant Of Non Refundable Advance
7. Form H - Sanction for Non-refundable withdrawal from GPF/KASEPF

SLI Forms - Kerala State Insurance Department

1. Proposal For SLI Policy
2. Form 1- Proposal For SLI Policy
3. Application For Claim In SLI Policy
4. Application For Loan Against SLI Policy
5. Application For Changing Nominoation In SLI Policy
6. SLI Indemnity Bond
7. Form B - Statement Of Deduction Towards SLI

Other Forms

1. Accident Insurance Claim Form For Pupils
2. Application for Correction Of Date Of Birth After Drop Out
3. Application for Correction Of Date Of Birth After SSLC
4. Application for Correction Other Than Date Of Birth
5. Monthly Reconciled Statement of Expenditure
6. Monthly Unreconciled Statement of Expenditure